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The session is a one-to-one online tutorial with the intention to provide realistic and tangible advice to help develop the client’s architectural skills and knowledge whilst increasing the quality and performance of the production of work. The tutorial session will be a safe place to ask simplistic questions that you feel you cannot ask in an academic setting, develop key skills in drawing, modelling and visualising, nurture architectural theories and strategies or develop soft skills to manage time efficiently and effectively, which inevitably will support your architectural journey to apply to courses, universities and workplace you aspire and dream of. 



Please contact at least 24 hours in advance

Cancellation & Reschedule:


Who is it for? 


£ 75.00 

  • Who feel that University is not giving the practical skills, clear advice and the long term support required to excel in academia and in the professional setting

  • Who feel that extra tutorial sessions to develop ideas, skills and working routines would be helpful for personal growth 

  • Who want to develop practical skills and learn essential computer programs 

  • Who feel they need tailored mentorship and guidance to design a portfolio, curate a CV and develop interview strategies for a degree in Architecture or for professional work.

What will you learn? 

  • Technical skills to be able to develop and augment architectural proposition

  • Soft skills to be able to curate interviews, presentations and tutorials 

  • Time management skills to be able to develop a healthy work + life balance

  • Tips, tricks and hints to streamline production of work at a high level 

  • Personal development + career advice to support clients 

Course Outcomes

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
  • A clear understanding of your individual progression requirements and improvement of key skills to support personal development

  • Increased confidence in discussing and presenting your work 

  • Develop design clarity and rational to be able to communicate ideas 

  • Support and guide clients to make relevant application in higher education or for presenting in a professional context.


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