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About Us

Mission Statement

loohcs is UK’s first professional architectural development studio which has been established with the primary mission to liberalise architectural education for prospective, current and recent graduated architectural students. loohcs will deliver 1 to 1 bespoke tutorial sessions, group workshops, seminars and career support by current academics and practicing architects in the field. The service will be available to clients worldwide to empower all students to pursue their dreams.


loohcs’s will support your architectural journey, provide you with personalised tutorial classes tailored to your requirements, build the confidence and skills you need to excel in academia whilst facilitating a space to develop healthy mind sets, time management methodologies and long term routines to reach your goals.


loohcs believes that geographic boundaries, economic limitations and the availability of support should not hinder one’s opportunity to grow and develop academically. loohcs will provide a platform to support students across the globe and facilitate services that may not have been possible due to location, cost and or time.


It is time you take control of your own education.

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