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The tutorial sessions will be conducted similarly to a university-style tutorial where the student will present their work to the tutor for feedback and suggestions. However unlike a university system where a typical tutorial session is 20-30min, having an hour will allow opportunities for questions and open discussions to help develop, strengthen and curate existing work or work from scratch to form a strong intellectual clarity and logic behind the work. The most important aspect of the 1 to 1 tutorial is that it will be conducted at the speed of the student’s requirement, which ensures all questions, unknowns and concerns are answered and given further advice in maximising each student’s capabilities.

Tutorial Content

Contents of the tutorial session can include for example:

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Portfolio Production will help clients design, develop and deliver a portfolio from scratch or refining an existing portfolio with the guide of the tutor. You will learn how to curate and communicate ideas visually to produce university entrance or professional level portfolios.

CV Formulation will help clients to strategically develop a CV and curate its layout and presentation format that will build a positive first impression and ensure high engagement to viewers.

Interview Practice will provide direct and tangible advice to develop your interview skills, conducting University and professional styled mock interviews to ensure the client can maximise their potentials.  

Presentation Preparation will provide you with clear and quantifiable action plans to be able to present smoothly, confidently and naturally for an important university or a professional presentation.

Personal Statement Development will support the production of the client’s bespoke personal statement that will express their intention, ambitions and individuality. We will help the client tailor the document for the application to the universities, companies and or institutions.

Career Advice will provide impartial and rational industry knowledge to help advise potential risks, opportunities and future possibilities, whilst providing networking opportunities.

Skill Base sessions will provide essential software skills to help develop and augment ideas. The Software includes (Microsoft Office: Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Adobe Software: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere, After Effects, Bridge. AutoDesk: Revit, AutoCAD, Maya, 3DsMax. Rhino with Vray, Microstation, Google Sketchup 

Time management will provide you with working methodologies, tips and tricks to ensure you work smart and efficiently to get the best out of the limited time you have.

Building relationships will provide you with the soft skills and knowhow to be able to get the most out of your university tutorial sessions. We will help devise a strategy and understand what your tutor wants from you and how to implement, action and deliver.

By the end of the course, you will

Architectural Literacy will specifically help to develop and strengthen individual student’s areas of weakness that may need further creative discussion and discourse. This is to build ideas, methodologies and soft skills which are essential but often secondary in architectural education. 

  • Understand what kind of information needs to be incorporated into a design portfolio. How to layout drawings, photos, diagrams and information to better demonstrate your technical skills, eye for design, experience and attention to detail, which leads to a well-rounded and resolved document that clarifies your intention through the document.

  • Understand how to write, develop and plan a CV specific to your situation and needs.

  • Identify strengths and weakness to build upon and further develop

  • Have been provided with tangible and clear instruction to further refine and develop a the works/

  • Have an updated portfolio & CV that has benefited from bespoke suggestions and first hand industry knowledge which are ultimately aligned to the student’s requirement and goals


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