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How does the overall process work?

Step 1: Enter the 'Book Online' tab and then press 'Book Now'. 

Step 2: Choose the available date and time, then press 'Next'

Step 3: Add required information, then press 'Pay Now'

Step 4: Pay for the tutorial session 

Step 5: Confirmation email will be sent with a video call link

Step 6: 24 Hours before the set tutorial, a reminder email will be sent to notify the client

Step X: To reschedule or cancel the tutorial session, please log-on with your username and password to amend the booking.

How much is one class tutorial session?

One tutorial session is £75.00 including VAT.

How long is one tutorial session?

A tutorial session is one hour long. For longer and/or consecutive weekly tutorials please get in contact to discuss the arrangement.

Who is the course for?

The course is for any individual from GCSE/A-Level up to Part 3 candidates who would like additional support to develop skills, knowledge and know-how whilst having an experience academic + architect give tangible advice to streamline their academic journey.

What is the difference to the typical university tutorial?

The tutorial session will be curated and bespoke to the student's needs. The hour session will allow plenty of time for discussion, questions and personal development, ensuring the student gets the support and attention required to maximise their potential. loohcs will support and cover unresolved items which Universities could not teach.

What is the format of the class?

The tutorial session will be taught online. This is to provide the opportunity for students who live abroad who are considering to apply to universities in the UK, whilst also ensuring the safety of the client at such precarious moment due to COVID-19.
For students who are located in London, UK and would like to have an in-person tutorial will need to get in contact to discuss the arrangement.

What topics are covered in the classes?

Every student is at different point of their academic career as an aspiring architect. Therefore the needs and requirements varies, just as their strengths and weakness. Therefore the tutorial will not be conducted with an “one size fits all” system adopted in University settings but through the initial discussion with the client, together we will establish the goals, outcomes and requirement of the tutorial session.

Is it possible to reschedule or cancel a tutorial session? 

To reschedule and/or cancel a tutorial the client will need to do so 24 hours before the tutorial session.


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